Here We Go!

Today is the day we start the training program to become voluntary first aiders!

I will be acquiring the required know-how to assist injured people. In Italy the Red Cross aids the national health service in providing an expedited response to emergency calls through the unified 118 phone number, thanks to the availability of thousands of voluntary first aiders.
Though unheard of abroad, this service has become the backbone of our health system in Italy, when it comes to transporting and assisting injured people. Lonely elderlies and people who’s life is in danger alike.

I’m expecting this experience to give me food for thought, and help me put my own life in perspective. And last but not least, hopefully I may become useful to somebody.
A few years ago, I wouldn’t ever have believed I might do such a thing one day. But with age, I’m learning how most often it’s about what you can do for others, rather than the other way around.

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