Larini Has Arrived!

And here it is, in all it’s glory! The Larini Sport back box for the MX-5 has arrived home. Chrome-a-hoy!

I’m not a big fan of chrome, but this looks good I must admit. I am thinking about painting the boiler matte black, but that’s something I can do anytime. Will keep it like this for now.

The boiler itself looks to be made of a pretty thin sheet of metal: it has little dimensional stability. As you can notice it has “lunged” (well, this is my effort with trying to translate sort-of-technical terms from the Italian automotive dictionary), in other words it looks visibly woven.

It’s not something that anyone should notice when fitted to the car.

The main TIG weld on the boiler looks very clean. Machine-clean in fact. It doesn’t look like hand work, and the Larini website states they use machines to do this stuff.

The braces look very sturdy, but I wouldn’t be concerned by them in any case: I have a guy that can weld things up quickly if necessary. Isn’t it nice to “have a guy” for all sorts of things?

Ok now try and tell me this isn’t a piece of beauty… and to think Larini has discontinued it. This is an extremely rare piece of hardware!

Some people have compained about the clamp-on design for the tips. I must say this isn’t the best solution, but can easily be amended…

They say devil is in the details… well, if I look at these resonated tips I can tell you I honestly think Larini Systems Ltd. is up to it’s reputation. You can see why selected Ferrari, Lamborghini, Pagani and Aston Martin owners go to them to have premium exhausts fitted.

In fact, if they have resonated the tips there must be a good reason: this must be the final touch they added to achieve what has been (rightly so) called the “Larini note”.

Can’t wait to fire this exhaust up and see just how freaking loud it must be :)

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