Larini Systems Silencer

SPOILER ALERT: a very rare Larini exhaust back box is on the way to my Miata!

Larini Systems, bespoke exhaust engineering atelier in London, has long discontinued the production of their muffler for the Miata, to concentrate on exotic sports cars such as track-spec Ferrari’s and Lamborghini’s.

After weeks of thorough research, I was lucky enough to find a second hand unit from a fellow member of the forum.
The unit is also in mint condition, it hasn’t seen a single full heat cycle!
This particular back box is fitted with the oval resonated tips, which wouldn’t have been my first choice.. but hey, one can’t get everything, right?

Can’t wait to hear how this baby will sound, combined with the free flow header manifold!
There are very few reviews on the web for this product, it was so expensive and rare at the time, there are simply too few buddies riding around with the Larini exhausts on MX-5′s.

More to come as soon as I get my hands on this exclusive piece of beauty :)

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